Attention!!ICEMBDA2020 will be held online on May 16!!

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Attention!!ICEMBDA2020 will be held online on May 16!!

We will use Zoom ( as the online conference tool, you can just use mobile phone/iPad/computer to attend our conference. More specific information of this conference, please contact the conference secretary.

Conference Agenda:

May 16, 2020(Saturday) 

10:30—10:35 Open Ceremony

10:35—11:00 Keynote Speeches 1: Assoc. Prof. Desislava Stoilova

11:00—11:05 Photography Time

11:05—11:40 Keynote Speeches 2: Prof. Assoc. Prof. Carol Hargreaves

11:40—12:05 Keynote Speeches 3: Prof. Defu Zhang

12:05—14:00 Break Time

14:00—14:15 Oral Speeches 1:Peizhe Li

14:15—14:30 Oral Speeches 2:Lin Yu

14:30—14:45 Oral Speeches 3:Shiying Lu

14:45—15:00 Oral Speeches 4:Zizhen Chen

15:00—15:15 Oral Speeches 5:Ziqi Zhong

15:15—15:30 Oral Speeches 6:Xianghui Chen

15:30—15:45 Oral Speeches 7:Jiarong Lin

15:45—16:00 Oral Speeches 8:Sishi Qin

16:00—16:15 Oral Speeches 9:Longmiao Gao

16:15—16:30 Oral Speeches 10:Minglei Xie

16:30—16:45 Closing Ceremony

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