Welcome Prof. Haibing Liu ​from Zhejiang University, China to be Committee Member!

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Prof. Haibing Liu, School of Management, Zhejiang University, China

Research Area: 

Innovation Strategy, Innovation Capability, Strategy Management

Research Experience:

1. Post-doctoral, School of Management, ZJU, China, March 18-till

2.Vice Professor, School of Economics and Management, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, China, Dec 16-till

3. Visiting scholar, School of Economic, Xiamen University, China, Sep 14- Jan 15

Publications (2018-2019):

1. H.LIU, et al." Latecomer Firms Strategy Evolution、Innovation Paradigm and Capabilities Evolution A Longitudinal Case Study Based on Haier for 1984-2017 years", Studies in Science of Science,2018(8):1442-1454.

2. H.LIU, et al." Crossing the Historical Barriers: The Dynamic Analysis of Cultural Tradition, Innovation and Ability in China Time-honored Brand —An exploratory case study based on Fenjiu Group in Xinghuacun, Shanxi (1948-2017)", Studies in Science of Science,2019(1):140-153.

3. H. LIU." Dynamic evolution of innovation context, open innovation and innovation capability—A longitudinal case study based on Haier HOPE platform ", Studies in Science of  Sience, 2019(1): 140- 153.

4. H. LIU, et al."From Driving to Leading: the Concept and Process  of "Innovation Leading" ——Exploratory case study based on Haier Group(1984-2019) ", Journal of Guangxi University of Finance and Economics, 2020(1): 134- 149.

5. H. Liu, L. Yang and Q. Xu, "Research on Strategic Leading Mechanism of Latecomer Firms," 2019 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM), Macao, Macao, 2019, pp. 1359-1363.

6. H. LIU, et al."Strategy Transformation Through Cultural Tradition Innovation - A Case Study of Fenjiu Group of China Time-honored Brand", IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, v 2019-December,p 1775-1779

7. H. LIU, et al."Leading Innovation: A New Paradigm of Innovation Management", Forum on Science and Technology in China,2020.Accepted.

8. H. LIU, et al."How does the path of technological innovation capability of Latecomer Firms evolve?—A longitudinal case study of huawei from 1987 to 2018", Studies in Science of Science, 2020.Accepted.

9. H. LIU, et al."How the open innovation path evolves from the perspective of innovation situation",Science Research Management,2020.Accepted.

10. H. LIU, et al."The Co-Evolution Path of Innovation Situation,Absorptive Capacity and Open Innovation",, Forum on Science and Technology in China,2020.Accepted.


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